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Why RentMyStay
How It Works,RentMyStay
Why RentMyStay?

RentMyStay homes are furnished and semi furnished houses which can be rented for flexible duration, be it for a short term or regular rent. They are best alternatives to hotels and service apartments and our homes should not be confused for hotels or service apartment...  

What are the house rules?

There is no house rules as long as you are a good citizen, adhere to the law of the land and respect your neighbours. If there are any specific house rules, it would be...  

How do I get my security money back?

All the refunds happen via bank transfer. Please share your bank details 3 days before move-out date to, for faster processing. Refunds will be processed...  

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Game Changer for House Rental Trade in India

Finding or renting a Semi furnished home, Fully furnished flat, Service apartment, Paying Guest, Hostel or Co-living space be it for short term or monthly stay!

Explaning in details the various forms of accomodation or stay options given the evolution of market. One can choose now from traditonal Semi furnished house, fully furnished flat, Service Apartment, for a family or group of friends to paying guest, hostel or co-living space for ladies, gents or working men and women or boys or girl students

When should I rent a Semi Furnished house?

Semi furnished flats, apartments or houses come with basic fittings and fixtures essential for any house, such as Geysers, fans, lights, curtain rods, mirrors, wardrobes and optionally kitchen cabinets etc., Usually one would rent semi furnished house as family or bachelors or group of friends when you already own the furniture and usually would like to settle down with own custom furniture for monthly or long term stay. Semi furnished houses come with all sizes Single room, 1bhk, 2bhk, 3bhk and more.
Semi furnished house in Bangalore Semi furnished flat in Bangalore

Choosing a Fully Furnished or Furnished house for short term or long term stay.

Fully Furnished houses or flats or apartments come with all the furniture and fittings. Along with the amenities of semi furnished house such as Geysers, fans, lights, curtain rods, mirrors, wardrobes and optionally kitchen cabinets etc., a furnished houses would also have the basic furniture present. Furnished houses have TV, cot, mattress, centre table, curtains, Sofa, kitchen fittings, and more .. There is no standard checklist as furnishing would vary from owner to owner and one should check exactly what all are present. Furnished houses are suitable for flexible stay duration as you can vacate without worrying about the hazzles of movement of furniture. They again come with all configuration such as Single room, 1bhk, 2bhk, 3bhk and larger units. You can choose them for monthly stay or short term stays whether you are family or bachelor or friends.
Fully furnished house in BangaloreFully furnished flat or apartment in Bangalore

Can I book a Serviced Apartments for short duration or medium term stays?

Serviced Apartments are apartments that come with all the furnishing plus services of upkeeping the houses such as daily cleaning, reception support, on call caretaker and more. Usually they have all the amenities of the hotel along with full furniture setup at the houses. Mostly Service apartment are in the sizes of Studio room, 1bhk or 2bhk. Usually they all have kitchen with all basic amenities required to do the cooking at home. Service apartments are suitable when you want to stay for extended periods of stay usually few weeks to months. You can choose them for monthly stay or short term stays.
Service apartments in Bangalore Service apartments in koramangala

Find a Ladies or Gents Hostel or Paying Guest or Co-Living stay in Bangalore

Co-living, paying guest and hostels are housing options for ladies, gents, boys and girls that have emerged as viable alternatives for those looking for rental spaces. They are best options be working men and women or students studying be it boys or girls. The concept of modern co-living, Paying Guest, or student hostels involves having a common kitchen, a utility space and a lounge area, along with a common games zone that the students can use. This is apart from the private bedroom and bathroom that each resident has. It is a modern form of housing, wherein students, working professionals can live in the same flat, apartment or building, while sharing common facilities. Similar to how serviced apartments evolved, owing to the need for greater flexibility and freedom as compared to hotels, co-living has taken shape, owing to the need for a cost-effective, flexible and hassle-free lifestyle, as compared to traditional rental accommodations The main advantage of modern day paying guest, hostels or co-living stays are that one need not compromise on comfort, when living away from home. The facilities available, such as utilities and maintenance, are at par with what is available in one’s house. Todays co-living, paying guest or hostels provides an elevated lifestyle, with opportunities to interact and cohabit without the overbearing scrutiny and rules. There are also traditional payings guests and hostels that may cost less but come with reduced amenities and facilites. There are also houses converted to hostels where where beds in a single 2bhk, 3bhk or larger houses are rented to boys, girls or working professionals. One can stay in these accommodation for monthly basis or on long term basis. Bangalore is home to many startups which offer best in class co-living, Paying Guest, or student hostels.
Ladies or gents paying guest, hostels or co-living space in Bangalore Ladies or gents paying guest, hostels or co-living space in electronic city Bangalore