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FAQ on Service Apartment for rent near Indias Wildlife Safari Holidays.


Q: How to find a Service Apartment for rent near Indias Wildlife Safari Holidays?

Indias Wildlife Safari Holidays is located at Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. To find a Service Apartment near Indias Wildlife Safari Holidays. Select from the options given

Q: Does the Service Apartment house come with kitchen near Indias Wildlife Safari Holidays?

Yes, if you choose studio, 1 bhk, 2 bhk, 3+ bhk houses they all come with kitchen. In fully furnished houses the kitchen is also equipped with Stove, vessels, cooker etc., so you can cook your home food. Renting furnished house with kitchen is best alternative to service apartment with kitchen or hotels for extended stays.

Q: Do I need to pay brokerage to book Service Apartment near Indias Wildlife Safari Holidays?

No, with RentMyStay you do not need to pay any brokerage to book a house or place anywhere! We promote no brokerage!

Q: Do I get food in any Service Apartment that I book near Indias Wildlife Safari Holidays?

No, unless explicitly mentioned you will not get any food with any of the properties you book on RentMyStay! Some properties offer food for an additional cost. You can check before you book.

Q: Is the Service Apartment that I see on RentMyStay near Indias Wildlife Safari Holidays safe?

Yes, we constantly gather feedback from our customers and the property you book are safe, any issues contact RentMyStay to get the issue resolved! We do provide site visits if you want to visit the place before you book

Q: What should I check when I book a Service Apartment near Indias Wildlife Safari Holidays.?

Check the exact location, amenities mentioned, price etc., before you book, if required we will help you arrange a site visit!

Q: Are there any hospitals near Indias Wildlife Safari Holidays?

Some of the hospital near by are Sagar Hospital located approx 1 kms, Jayadeva Hospital located approx 2 kms, Sahyadri Hospital located approx 4 kms, etc.

Q: Are there any Schools near Indias Wildlife Safari Holidays?

Near by Schools, colleges are RV Institute of Management with approx in 1 kms, BES College of Education IV Block with approx in 1 kms, BES College of Law with approx in 1 kms, etc.

Q: Any temples, mosque, or church near Indias Wildlife Safari Holidays?

Near by places of workship temples/church/mosque are oracle technology park (2 kms), Ragigudda Anjaneya Temple (2 kms), Venkataramana Swamy Temple (4 kms), etc.

Q: Any malls, hotels near Indias Wildlife Safari Holidays?

Few of the Malls near by are Gopalan Innovation Mall ( 2 kms), Forum Mall ( 3 kms), Forum Mall ( 3 kms), etc.

Q: Any near by companies, IT parks etc., near Indias Wildlife Safari Holidays?

Some of the Business centers, technology parks, tech companies, Bio parks near by are Mavis Software Services Pvt Ltd located around 1 kms, Rajiv Gandhi University Of Health Sciences located around 1 kms, Subramanya Arcade Bannerghatta road located around 1 kms, etc.

Q: Neary by Stations near Indias Wildlife Safari Holidays?

Nearest train or metro stations are Rangoli Metro Art Center approx distance of 6 kms, srirampura metrostation approx distance of 10 kms,


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Indias Wildlife Safari Holidays

Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan

Ranthambore National Park is one of the biggest and most renowned national park in Northern India. The park is located in the Sawai Madhopur district of southeastern Rajasthan, which is about 130 km from Jaipur. Being considered as one of the famous and former hunting grounds of the Maharajas of Jaipur, today the Ranthambore National Park terrain is major wildlife tourist attraction spot that has pulled the attention of many wildlife photographers and lovers in this destination.

Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

 Corbett National Park is one of India's most beautiful wildlife areas has a tiger population of around 160, which makes this park as the last and the most important bastion of this endangered species in India. You can induce a great experience of wildlife by staying at the rest homes in National park.

Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh

The wildlife of the Bandhavgarh National Park is truly the most shinning parts of the Aravali regions. The Park is simply known for the various species of wild creatures and is best known for the preservation of the most astonishing tiger species. The presence of the abundance of tiger species in Bandhavgarh has driven many animal lovers in this explicit arena. Appreciate the wilderness hidden behind every rugged way of Bandhavgarh with the amazing wildlife tour in Bandhavgarh Reserve. You will enjoy safari as there are multiple ways they are jeep safari and elephant safari.

Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Located in the Indian land of Madhya Pradesh, the picturesque Kanha National Park was the inspiration behind Rudyard Kipling's unforgettable classic Jungle Book. The park has a significant population of Royal Bengal Tiger, leopards, the sloth bear, Barasingha and Indian wild dog.

Kaziranga National Park, Assam

Kaziranga National Park is spread over 858 sq.kms and is located in the floodplains on both sides of the Brahmaputra. Patches of mixed deciduous forests are interspersed with vast stretches of savannah grasslands, wetlands and chars of river islands formed by the shifting course of the Brahmaputra. Where you discover the most exotic animal one horned rhino. Apart from Rhino, Elephants, Bear, Panthers and various species of birds live in this space. Kaziranga National Park has become the most famous heritage place of UNESCO.

Sunderban National Park, West Bengal

Be it the crown for cosseting world's largest forest cover of the Mangroves, or for forming India's largest tiger reserve, or for boasting a tiger populace that has adopted an amphibious lifestyle, Sunderban owns them all. Perhaps no more words are required to state that this park is certainly among the ultimate destinations for enjoying wildlife holidays in India. Further, it is also UNESCO's World Heritage Site, and by now you know the reason behind this honor.

Sasan Gir National Park, Gujarat

National Park is the dwelling house of lions in India. Gir National Park & Wildlife Sanctuary comprises 1412 sq km of deciduous forest interspersed with semi-evergreen and evergreen flora, acacia, scrub jungle, grasslands and rocky hills. Fed by perennial and seasonal rivers and streams, the sanctuary has large water bodies like the Kamleshwar Dam that are good for crocodiles and birds.

Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Pench National park, nestling in the lower southern reaches of the satpuda hills is named after Pench river, meandering through the park from north to south. It is located on the southern boundary of Madhya Pradesh, bordering Maharashtra, in the districts of Seoni and Chhindwara. Pench National Park, comprising of 758 SQ Kms, out of which a core area of 299 sq km is the national park and remaining 464 sq km is the buffer area. Further, Pench has been an inspiration for BBC's documentary "Tiger: Spy in the Jungle". This documentary speaks a lot about the flourishing wildlife of the park.

Satpura National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Satpura National Park is located in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh in India. Its name is derived from the Satpura range. It covers an area of 524 km. Satpura National Park is very rich in biodiversity. The animals here are tiger, leopard, sambar, chital, Indian muntjac, nilgai, four-horned antelope, chinkara, Gaur , wild boar, wild dog, bear, black buck, fox, porcupine, flying squirrel, mouse deer, Indian giant squirrel, etc. There are a variety of birds. Hornbills and peafowl are common birds found here.The flora consists of mainly sal, teak, tendu, Phyllanthus emblica, mahua, bel, bamboo, and grasses and medicinal plants. In previous years, there have been sightings of lions, elephants, wild water buffalo and barasingha, although these are rare.

Tadoba National Park, Maharashtra

Frequently referred to as "The Jewel of Vidharba", the Tadoba National Park lies in the district of Chandrapur in the north-eastern part of Maharashtra. Situated in the bosom of a reserved forest, it is an infinite treasure trove of innumerable species of trees and plants - and wildlife that includes tigers, panthers, sloth bears, hyenas, jackals, wild dogs, bison, barking deer, nil Gaia, somber, and chattel. In fact, the Tadoba National Park and Andhari Wildlife Santuary together form the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve. The park derives its name from "Taru" the local deity, whereas the Andhari river that meanders through the forest gives the sanctuary its name.

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala

South India's most popular wildlife sanctuary, Periyar encompasses 777 sq km and a 26-sq-km artificial lake created by the British in 1895. The vast region is home to bison, sambar, wild boar, langur, 900 to 1000 elephants and 35 to 40 hard-to-spot tigers. Firmly established on both the Indian and foreigner tourist trails, the place can sometimes feel a bit like Disneyland-in-the-Ghats, but its mountain scenery and jungle walks make for an enjoyable visit.

Govind Wildlife Sanctuary, Uttarakhand

Govind Pashu Vihar Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary located at Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand, India . The park was established on March 1, 1955, and covers about 957 square kilometres. Animals like the Snow Leopard, residing in the pinnacle of the mountains, have reached at a point of extinction due to constant interference and illegal smuggling which threatened the ecological balance and therefore needed attention for its survival. In a step towards it government declared this zone as a National Park after scrutinizing this condition. Visit this place to enjoy the splendor of Wild Life at Govind Wild Life Sanctuary in Uttaranchal.

Hemis National Park, Jammu & Kashmir

The Hemis High Altitude National Park that extends over 600 sq. km. is named after the famous monastery, Hemis gompa that is situated 40 km. southeast of Leh. Located on the west bank of the Indus River, it comprises the catchments of Markha, Rumbak and Sumdah nalas. It is known for some rare species like the bharal and the snow leopard. Hemis has in fact been identified as a snow leopard reserve under a project launched by the Central Government aimed at conserving the species, its prey base and its fragile mountainous home.  

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