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FAQ on house for rent near Sancheti Hospital.

Sancheti Hospital is located at 11/12 Thube Park, 16, Shivajinagar, Maharashtra State Highway 114, Pune, Maharashtra 411005, India. There are many furnished flats with kitchen, semi funished houses, service apartments, paying guest available near Sancheti Hospital. choose from results below
Yes, if you choose studio, 1 bhk, 2 bhk, 3+ bhk houses they all come with kitchen. In fully furnished houses the kitchen is also equipped with Stove, vessels, cooker etc., so you can cook your home food. Renting furnished house with kitchen is best alternative to service apartment with kitchen or hotels for extended stays.
No, with RentMyStay you do not need to pay any brokerage to book a house or place anywhere! We promote no brokerage!
No, unless explicitly mentioned you will not get any food with any of the properties you book on RentMyStay! Some properties offer food for an additional cost. You can check before you book.
Yes, we constantly gather feedback from our customers and the property you book are safe, any issues contact RentMyStay to get the issue resolved! We do provide site visits if you want to visit the place before you book
Check the exact location, amenities mentioned, price etc., before you book, if required we will help you arrange a site visit!
Some of the hospital near by are Sancheti Hospital located approx 1 kms, Navjeevan Childrens Hospital located approx 2 kms, Prayag Hospital located approx 2 kms, etc.
Few of the Malls near by are Central Mall ( 2 kms), All For Small ( 3 kms), The Pavillion Mall ( 3 kms), etc.

Sancheti Hospital

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Mahatma Phule Museum

Mahatma Phule depository could be a depository situated in Pune, a town within the Indian state of geographic area. it had been based in 1890 and was then known as the Poona Industrial depository, and afterward it had been named Lord Reay depository. In 1968 it had been renamed as sage Phule depository.


Pune is a sprawling city in the western Indian state of Maharashtra. It was once the base of the Peshwas (prime ministers) of the Maratha Empire, which lasted from 1674 to 1818. It's known for the grand Aga Khan Palace, built in 1892 and now a memorial to Mahatma Gandhi, whose ashes are preserved in the garden. The 8th-century Pataleshwar Cave Temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva.

Aesthetics Medispa

Welcome to Aesthetics Medispa, one in every of the foremost advanced and comprehensive medispa in Bharat. a middle that offers state-of- the-art facelift and welfare Center for all of your welfare wants. With Associate in Nursing aesthetic surgery center and an opulent day spa below one roof, we provide a novel and holistic approach to serving to you look sensible and feel higher. we tend to use the newest tested and peer reviewed scientific advances to rejuvenate or reshape you. we are going to assist you improve the approach you look and regain your inner confidence.

Shaniwar Wada

Shaniwarwada could be a historical fortification within the town of Pune in geographical region, India. inbuilt 1732, it absolutely was the seat of the Peshwas of the Mahratta Empire till 1818, once the Peshwas lost management to the British East India Company when the Third Anglo-Maratha War. Following the increase of the Mahratta Empire, the palace became the middle of Indian politics within the eighteenth century.

Lal Mahal

The Lal Mahal (Red Palace) of Pune is one amongst the foremost noted monuments set in Pune, India. within the year 1630 AD, Shivajimaharaj's Father Shahaji Bhosale, established the Lal Mahal for his woman Jijabai and son. Shivaji maharaj stayed here for many years till he captured his 1st fort. the first Lal Mahal fell into ruins and therefore the current Lal Mahal could be a reconstruction of the first and set within the center of the Pune town. Shivaji mharaj's wedding along with his 1st woman, maharanee Saibai came about in Lal Mahal. the first Lal Mahal was engineered with the thought of rejuvenating the recently dismantled town of Pune once Dadoji Kondev entered town at the side of Shivaji maharaj and his mother, Jijabai. Shivaji maharaj grew over here, and stayed within the Lal Mahal until he captured the Torna fort in 1645. Towards the top of the seventeenth Century, the Lal Mahal fell into ruins and was eventually dismantled to the bottom as a results of numerous attacks on town. it's aforesaid that in the development of the Shaniwarwada, some soil and stones of the Lal Mahal were used for luck. In 1734-35, a number of homes were created on the land of the Lal Mahal and given to be used to Ranoji Shinde and Ramchandraji. The records within the offices of the Peshwas mention that Lal Mahal was used for transcription feasts for the Brahmins throughout the thread-ceremony of Sadoba, son of Chimajiappa. the precise original location of the Lal Mahal is unknown, but it had been illustrious to be terribly near the situation of


A hospital could be a health care establishment providing patient treatment with specialised medical and nursing employees and medical instrumentation.The known variety of hospital is that the general hospital, which generally has Associate in Nursing emergency department to treat pressing health issues starting from fireplace and accident victims to a heart failure. an area hospital usually is that the major health care facility in its region, with massive numbers of beds for medical aid and extra beds for patients UN agency would like long-run care. Specialised hospitals embrace trauma centres, rehabilitation hospitals, children's hospitals, seniors' (geriatric) hospitals, and hospitals for handling specific medical desires like medicine treatment (see medicine hospital) and bound unwellness classes. Specialised hospitals will facilitate cut back health care prices compared to general hospitals.

R- Deccan

One of the most important chains of multiplexes within the country, town Pride Cinemas R Deccan Mall in Deccan sports meeting was based in 2010. The cluster of cinemas presently boasts of six properties, twenty three screens and over half dozen,000 seats in Pune, creating it one in every of the largest of its types. the opposite fully-functional branches of this theatre owns outstanding locations in Satara Road, Kothrud and different well-known places. one in every of the foremost recognized and sought-after destinations for the motion picture lovers, town Pride is visited by individuals from completely different walks of life sharing a robust passion for the silver-screen.

Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

A minuscule lane, one amongst the numerous within the active, important town of Pune in geographical region, is home to Raja Dinkar Kelkar depository, a rare collection of Indian artifacts that echo myriad tales of a unhappy inheritance at intervals the majestic archways and corridors.It is the one-person assortment these days Dr. D.G. Kelkar (1896 -1990). 'Kaka', as Dr. Kelkar was dear noted dedicated his assortment to the memory of his solely son 'Raja’ United Nations agency died associate untimely death. it's a group concerning twenty one,000 valuable artifacts that mirror the daily life of Republic of India. a sworn statement to man’s inventive spirit - the spirit that breaths beauty into the banal, and puts romance into the mundane. Kaka was a person obsessed on art. A man who, for over sixty years, traveled extensively across the country - to obscure villages and social group settlements, to grand temples and humble huts, to forgotten attics and people fares - aggregation .. invariably aggregation.

Parimal Udyan

It was reborn from installation to Energy park that is currently closed. Equipments for energy generation like star panels, Biogas plant etc. square measure on the market for show however numerous pavilions for every kind of energy square measure closed. currently they need once more reborn to journey sports for teenagers. Games square measure difficult supported age and personnel square measure on the market for warning if totally different age game is being tried by children. Park and games square measure maintained well. Another attraction is toy train (Phulrani) for teenagers.

Kamla Nehru Park

Kamla national leader Park is located on Dr. Ketkar road, Erandwana, Pune. This park encompasses a cardiopulmonary exercise track, Playground for youths,a fountain and 2 lawns. A military jet (HAL HF-24 Marut) is additionally unbroken in one in all the lawns. There ar stalls of food item outside this park's main gate. The a temple of Lord Dutta next to the current park. This park is few kilometers from Deccan meet.