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FAQ on house for rent near Nobel Hospital.

Nobel Hospital is located at Nobel Hospital, Mayfair Eleganza Phase II, Kondhwa, Pune, Maharashtra. There are many furnished flats with kitchen, semi funished houses, service apartments, paying guest available near Nobel Hospital. choose from results below
Yes, if you choose studio, 1 bhk, 2 bhk, 3+ bhk houses they all come with kitchen. In fully furnished houses the kitchen is also equipped with Stove, vessels, cooker etc., so you can cook your home food. Renting furnished house with kitchen is best alternative to service apartment with kitchen or hotels for extended stays.
No, with RentMyStay you do not need to pay any brokerage to book a house or place anywhere! We promote no brokerage!
No, unless explicitly mentioned you will not get any food with any of the properties you book on RentMyStay! Some properties offer food for an additional cost. You can check before you book.
Yes, we constantly gather feedback from our customers and the property you book are safe, any issues contact RentMyStay to get the issue resolved! We do provide site visits if you want to visit the place before you book
Check the exact location, amenities mentioned, price etc., before you book, if required we will help you arrange a site visit!
Some of the hospital near by are Nobel Hospital located approx 1 kms, Lifeline Multispeciality Hospital located approx 2 kms, Pune Adventist Hospital located approx 3 kms, etc.
Few of the Malls near by are Dorabjee s Royale Heritage Mall ( 3 kms), Kumar Pacific Mall ( 4 kms), SGS Mall ( 5 kms), etc.

Nobel Hospital

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Empress Botanical Garden

The Empress Garden is managed by the Agri-Horticultural Society of Western India.The Society has been managing the Empress Garden since 1880, with AN aim to nurture and preserve flora of the region.The Garden covers a sprawling thirty-nine acres, and is home to several rare species of trees and flowers.The Society organizes annual flower shows and arranges varied programs throughout the year to make environmental awareness among folks.The well improved garden consists of lush inexperienced lawns, pr flora and fauna, play space for teenagers, and a snack shack. The park includes a quaint stream of water flowing throughout the garden, and may be a delight for nature lovers.

Bagul Udyan

Vasantrao Eknath Bagul Udyan - or the Nala Park because it is lovingly best-known among Sahakar nagar residents may be a place wherever you not solely get rested however additionally come back informed and diverted. Sprawling over seven acres, the park homes AN gallery, encompasses a musical fountain, a park for youngsters, cardiopulmonary exercise track and a well-spread out field wherever one will sit and luxuriate in the leafage. Its foundation was arranged in 1995, and since then the world has been developed into a tranquil paradise for voters.

Ohel David Synagogue

Ohel David house of God, additionally known as Lal Deval or Lal Deul may be a house of God in Pune, India. it's set on Moledina Road in Pune. Its construction was started in 1863 by giver David Sassoon and completed by his successors in 1867. in-built country Gothic vogue, it absolutely was designed by Henry Saint Clair Wilkins, this red brick and lure stone structure resembles a church. the development is of English Gothic kind it's ninety feet high obelisk on that a watch is adorned , that was brought specially from London.

Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park

The Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park, normally referred to as the Rajiv Gandhi installation or Katraj installation, is found in Katraj, Pune district, geographic region State, India. it's managed by the Pune Municipal Corporation. The 130-acre (53 ha) installation is split into 3 parts: associate animal orphanage, a snake park, and a zoo, and includes the 42-acre (17 ha) Katraj Lake.

National War Museum

The National War Memorial Southern Command could be a war memorial in Pune military quarters, India, dedicated to post-Independence war martyrs. this can be the sole war memorial in South Asia that has been erected by citizens' contributions. The memorial was unveiled and dedicated to the state on Assumption, 1998. A Mig twenty three BN, utilized in the Kargil War, is on show at the memorial.A replica of the currently decommissioned frigate INS Trishul, that served within the Liberation of Goa and therefore the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, is additionally on show.Mig twenty three BN craft at National War Memorial PuneRecently, the Pune military quarters Board sanctioned a total of ₹32,00,000 ($47,550) for renovation of the memorial. The work enclosed egg laying a brand new field, landscaping and egg laying pathways for guests.

Peshwe Energy Park

The Peshwe Park, is found close to Saras Baug in Pune, India. it's managed by the Pune Municipal Corporation. it's adjoin a region of seven acres. currently it's associate degree energy park that stresses the importance of renewable energy in today’s times. the journey Park is additionally launched there. the concept behind the park is to get rid of the worry part in children from a young age as was initial mooted by its designer bachelor's degree Deshmukh.

Darshan- A life Changing Experience

Darshan isn't very a 'museum' within the typical sense of the term. though it will what each depository will, keeps alive a memory, however at Darshan, it's done through 3D Holographics, Life-Like Statues, Realistic Sets, Hi-Def Audio, HD Video, Theatrical Lighting and far more!Darshan is that the next step in story-telling. The visitant virtually 'walks' into a scene and therefore the scene 'plays out' before your eyes! every scene is delivered to life through realistic sets, and at intervals the set area unit varied props that facilitate to recreate the scene before you. For the primary time within the country has 3D Holographics been utilized in a show! Characters seem in void and act out scenes before your terribly eyes! a really magic experience!Darshan tells the gorgeous story of a Saint of contemporary Bharat, saddhu T L Vaswani. He was a visionary, associate specializer, a non secular big, a writer and far, a lot of more! His life bore witness to the universal ideals of Unity, Brotherhood of all life, Compassion, Love for all, Peace. He galvanized several to figure for the reason for the independence of Bharat aboard with Gandhi, he worked for ladies upliftment years before fashionable society did it, by beginning a Women's Education Movement known as the Mira Movement in Education. The Mira Movement in Education has currently unfold to several cities and thousands of young ladies have the benefit of it. He was associate animal rights activist, his birthday, twenty fifth Nov, is widely known as Animal Rights Day and crores of individuals pledge to abstain from food of violence on at the moment each year! He was a non secular big. He unfold the Eternal Message of the Saints and Rishis amongst the mortal and created the Divine accessible to everybody. Ever a believer within the Unity of All Life, He promoted nobody faith however tutored that each one religions result in however One Goal. The methods area unit several however the Goal is One! His non secular poetry has been compiled into the most important compilation of non secular Poetry by one author within the world! it's known as the Nuri Granth Sahib and is revered by his followers as a storage of non secular knowledge and data.We invite you to return and skill His simplicity, His wisdom, His purity, His distinctive life at Darshan!

Peshwa Museum

Peshwa depository is settled at Annapurna tekdi at concerning a pair of kms from center of pune town, Swargate station.This palace was designed by Shrimant peshwa in 1795. This depository has all the items, all the swords and alternative weapons that utilized by Peshwas.First thing u see when u reach on the Annapurna hill is Peshwa depositoryWith simply a price ticket of 10/- it’s price a glance.

Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

A minuscule lane, one amongst the numerous within the active, important town of Pune in geographical region, is home to Raja Dinkar Kelkar depository, a rare collection of Indian artifacts that echo myriad tales of a unhappy inheritance at intervals the majestic archways and corridors.It is the one-person assortment these days Dr. D.G. Kelkar (1896 -1990). 'Kaka', as Dr. Kelkar was dear noted dedicated his assortment to the memory of his solely son 'Raja’ United Nations agency died associate untimely death. it's a group concerning twenty one,000 valuable artifacts that mirror the daily life of Republic of India. a sworn statement to man’s inventive spirit - the spirit that breaths beauty into the banal, and puts romance into the mundane. Kaka was a person obsessed on art. A man who, for over sixty years, traveled extensively across the country - to obscure villages and social group settlements, to grand temples and humble huts, to forgotten attics and people fares - aggregation .. invariably aggregation.

Blades Of Glory Cricket Museum

The entrance of Blades of Glory welcomes you with a outline of however a bat has evolved over the last 3 centuries. This justifies the name of the gallery. contact around four,000 sq ft, Blades of Glory displays rarest of rare of cricket record. The artifacts embody in person signed cricket-related things by the United Nations agency’s who of the gentleman’s game.Over the years, it's the willow-wielders United Nations agency have taken most of the limelight within the game of cricket. and therefore the gallery lives up to its name by paying tribute to most of the batting greats. one in all the foremost important elements of the deposit is that the area dedicated to batting creative person Sachin Tendulkar. It options most of cricketing accessories Tendulkar has used over his long international career and one hundred miniature bonkers dedicated to his ton of tons, all of that bearing details of his one hundred centuries in international cricket.