15 Tips to find a rental House in Bangalore

Shortlist rental homes based on your requirements and budget.

Pay Close Attention to the Amenities they Offer.

Check the Room in daylight. Most of us will neglect the availability of natural light within the rooms, which makes it suffocating once we start living there daily.

Please check out the place with all lights turned off to see how much visibility there is without power (electricity in Bangalore is a problem)

Discus on security deposit amount with the owner. You should not pay more than two months’ rent as a deposit and make sure you do an online
transaction to keep a record.

Discus on extra charges over and above rent if any like, maintenance charges, Water charges, Parking charges clearly. If possible, note it down and put it over an mail.

Ask for the PAN number of owners for HRA from the office if applicable.

Waste disposal is very important in a city like Bangalore, and hence you should ask for the provisions

Check to see if mobile networking is available. Within Rooms, check the signal strength. Make a phone call to confirm the clarity.

Agree on move out terms like how much notice, how much security deposit will be deducted etc. and if possible take it on mail or writing or with the agreement

Check for any sewage issue in the vicinity and take a walk around the house/ PG.

Check on the availability of water? Borewell / tanker / Cauvery ? check with neighbors as water is becoming a huge issue in Bangalore

Check the public and private transport provisions to your office and other nearby places.

Check if you can bring guests over for stay and also check if visitors are allowed. Also, check on the timings for entry, if any?

List out the damages in the house and share that note with the house owner.

Get the agreement done with all the above mentioned and then pay the token/ booking amount.