Frequently Asked Questions

RentMyStay homes are fully furnished houses which can be rented for any duration, be it for Flexible stay of few months or for Regular long term stay.

We offer best alternatives to hotels and service apartments, our homes should not be confused for hotels or service apartments as we don't provide any service. Since we rent on do-it yourself model we expect you to clean and maintain the house by yourself and hand over the flat in the same way we rented you. Reasonable wear and tear are accepted.
For any issues or support you can :
1. Raise a ticket via our 'RentMyStay Android/IOS' App or
2. Email us @ or
3. You can also contact our support team @ 9035750377 (10:00 AM –06:00PM) Wednesday Holiday!
All our homes equipped with following things:

Semi furnished:
Equipped with Fan, lights, Geyser, Wardrobes(depending on the property). You can check the description for more details.

Fully Furnished:
In 1 BHK / 2BHK / 3 BHK house or flat:

Each Bedroom equipped with a double bed with mattress, fan and wardrobe.
Bedsheets, Pillows and blankets are provided only for flexi stays!

The Kitchen is equipped with Fridge , Gas Stove with cylinder or Induction stove (depending on property),basic utensils including Cooker, Vessel set, Tawa, Kadai, Serving spoons, Small spoons, Fork, Plates, Glasses, Knife, Peeling Knife, Coffee Strainer, Chapati Roller, Jhadu, Dust Pan, doormat, etc.,
Washroom equipped with Geyser, Bucket, Mug, Mop,Toilet Cleaning Brush, Toilet Sweeper.

The hall is equipped with Sofa/Diwan, Regular non-smart TV with Cable connection (tenant should pay for recharge) or a Smart TV without cable connection.
Studio flat consist Cot with Mattress, Kitchen utensils, Gas Stove or Induction, Empty cylinder, Fan, Lights, Geyser, Wardrobes and Calling bell. (Depending upon the building amenities may change please check the amenities before booking)

In some properties we provide washing machines (shared/dedicated).
Cable recharge to be done by tenants or is provided with additional charges((
For Regular stay: Bedsheets, Pillows and blankets are not provided!

Towels, Toiletries, Drinking water cans, Housekeeping, Extra linens are not provided for any stay duration i.e.., flexi stay or regular stay
There is no house rules as long as you are a good citizen, adhere to the law of the land and respect your neighbours. If there are any specific house rules, it would be covered under the property description or house rules section.
Depending on your needs you can stay for any duration whether it is for few weeks orfew months. Lock-in Period:

Regular stay: The Lock-in period for regular stay is 3 months (e.g.: 28-Mar-22 to 28-Jun-22) and if the tenant wishes to terminate this agreement during the lock-in period, the tenant would be charged Rs 10,000.00 towards breaking of Lock-in period. After the lock-in period, you can terminate with 1-month advance notice and should be sent in writing.

Flexi stay: After the initial booking period, you can terminate with 7 days advance notice and should be sent in writing.

In the event of notice by email ( an acknowledgment should be received from Company.
Any notice to tenants from the company shall be sent on the registered email ID. Any other mode of notice shall not be accepted.
The token/booking amount must be paid to confirm the booking. Once you have paid the token/booking amount, we won't show the house to any other customers and the place is booked for you. The token/booking amount will be adjusted in your security deposit. If you end up cancelling your booking, the token/booking amount shall be refunded based on cancellation policy.
Below is the link for further reference
Cancellation Policy
Rent covers your stay at the Flat with all provided amenities.

For Flexi stay: Electricity to be paid as per actual usage. Gas will charged Rs 1500 If the flat is not left reasonably clean additional Rs 1,000.00 may be charged towards cleaning charges. There are no additional charges.

For Regular stay: All utilities including cable, electricity, gas, Wi-Fi(if any) and maintenance charges has to be additionally paid. You can refer your agreement for more details. The first gas cylinder provided at the time of move-in is charged Rs 1500 If the flat is not left reasonably clean additional Rs 1,000.00 may be charged towards cleaning charges.

Your rent does not cover:
Monthly Electricity Charges. Monthly Cooking Gas charges. Monthly DTH and Internet recurring charges. Basically, any recurring charges for maid, cleaning etc. Any additional furnishing that's not part of the standard package. 'FOOD IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE DAILY/MONTHLY RENT'
No, Rent and deposit are fixed. Since we exclusively maintain these properties and booking only happen through us you can be assured that rent and deposit will be same if you pay online or at the property.
Move-in time –01:00 PM and Move-out time – 11:00 AM Ex: If the booking is from 3rd June to 15th September then you can move in at 01:00 PM on 3rd June and move out by 11:00 AM on 15th September. If you are moving out after 11:00 AM one day rent will be charged.
(These timings will be the same for flexi and regular stays).
Before you move in, you have to pay the 1st month rent in advance and the security deposit and Rs 1,000.00 onboarding. These need to be paid 3 days prior to the move-in date. Once this is done, you would be handed over the keys to your new place!
Decide in which area you need the flat
Decide if you need the apartment for Flexi or Regularstay
Select the dates and no. of guests.
Check the amount displayed.
Mention your details required for booking such as contact number, address etc.,
Make the payment, the payment gateway is secured and accepts all Indian cards, internet banking, Wallet, UPI etc.,
To book the flat for less than a month stay, full amount needs to be paid and for stays longer than a month Rs 10,000.00 booking amount needs to be paid, which will be adjusted with deposit. Full amount needs to be paid before move-in date.
ID proof is mandatory for all the tenants, be it for Flexi stay or Regular stay, one could upload the ID proof from the booking email sent to your registered email or using the RentMyStay APP. This needs to be done to confirm the booking.
Keys will be arranged at the apartment you are moving into. You will be required to provided ID proofs(KYC) for all occupants, sign the agreement and clear all payments before move-in. If you are making online payments make sure the payments are cleared to avoid delay in move-in.
You could reach the team @ 9035750377: (10:00AM –06:00PM)
Personal Belongings
The tenant shall be responsible for his/her belongings in the scheduled premise. The owner or its representatives shall not be liable for any theft of personal belongings of the tenants.

Home Furnishing
In case of theft/loss and damage of any furnishing or appliance or furniture, all the tenants shall be held responsible & owner or its representative shall have the right to deduct money from security deposit of tenants towards compensation of the loss.
For general maintenance & showing houses to other tenants, RentMyStay's employees or its affiliate partners may keep a copy of the keys of your house. We advise you to keep your valuables locked inside the cupboards & never leave them unattended in open places. We shall not be responsible for any theft or accidental damage to your valuables in case of an untoward incident.
You can cancel by emailing us at For cancellation terms refer the below link Cancellation Policy
Flexi (Short) term:
Booking can be cancelled anytime with 7 days’ notice period.
There will be Rs 1,000.00 penalty charges if there is extension during notice period.
Current month rent won’t be refundable incase of early Move out.
In case of change in rent due to market conditions 1 month notice shall be provided
In case of Flexi stay extension, rent as per the website price shall be charged
For more details refer the agreement

Regular (Long) term:
1 month formal notice via email( should be provided. Verbal/notice on call won’t be accepted.
Deposit is refundable after the completion of lock-in period subject to payment of rent for the duration of Stay.
In case of early Move out rent for entire duration shall be deducted and balance amount will be refunded.
Renovation charges will be deducted even if flat is not painted. You can raise ticket for painting flat or any issue with paint within 15 days of move-in.
Latest or highest rent paid during the period will deducted towards renovation. For more details refer the agreement.
Payment Terms:
Before move-in: 1,000.00 Onboarding + Deposit + First month rent. Our rentals are prepaid.
Every month: Recurring monthly rentals and any other charges to be paid before due date of each month.
You can know and pay your rent/dues by logging into your dashboard.
You could pay the rent by cash using our portal(Card/Wallet/UPI) OR via online transfer via NEFT/IMPS to below account:
A/C holder Name: BrightPath
A/C no: 64140859192
IFSC Code: SBIN0016213
Bank: State Bank of India
For all online transfers please email the screenshot to
Late payment charges:
After 5th day: Rs 500.00 for every day of delay thereafter.
Please click below for a small Video tutorial to help you further.//
By default rent due date is the move-in date as mentioned in your agreement i.e.., if you moved to the flat on 24th June, you need to pay the rent by 24th of each month. We provide additional 5 days grace period to pay the rent till which no late payment charges are applicable i.e.., you can pay the rent on or before 29th of each month in this example. If you paying after due date additional late payment charges will be applicable.
In case if you wish to change the due date to 1st of the month to match with your other commitments the same can be done. In such a case if you move-in date is on 24-June, you can pay the pro-rated rent from 24th to 30th and from next month your due date shall be changed to 1st of each month. Subsequently rent can be paid on or before 5th of the month (with 5 day grace period) in this example.
We welcome extended stays! Kindly drop an email to requesting for booking extensions. Extension is subject to availability. We request you to book as long as you are sure since we can't guarantee the same flat or availability for extension. Upon confirmation of extension Rs 10,000.00 will be blocked for the same from the deposit as a booking amount. The booking amount is non-refundable if the extension is cancelled as we stop taking any future booking for the flat post your extension.

Extension for Flexistay booking:
If the stay is extended for couple of days an additional Rs 100 per day would be charged. For more than a month there are no additional charges. Payment towards extension has to be made before the extension Start date.

We will be taking bookings for your flat after your move out date, if we get any future booking, no extension will be possible.

Extension during the notice period Rs 1,000.00 (Penalty charges) will be applicable subject to availability.
For Flexi stay as well as Regular stay maintenance charge is included in the rent. You can refer your agreement for more details.
For Monthly stays, booking is from the date of booking to one day before the calendar date of next month. Ex.: from 01:00PM on 3rd June to 11:00 AM on 2nd July
Our customer care is available between 10:00 AM and 06:00 PM, If you need to move-in beyond the mentioned time you need to collect the keys before. In exceptional cases building caretakers can make alternative arrangement. RentMyStay shall not be held responsible if any issue arises.
One of the benefit of staying with RentMyStay is the flexibility to move across our network of homes. The difference in rent/deposit between the homes will be adjusted, and if the new home has higher rent/deposit, tenant has to pay the difference. During movement the flat will not be painted but all required maintenance check and cleaning of the flat will be performed for the new flat. Any repairs or maintenance for the fixtures will be performed.

If stay is less than 11 months the movement fee is as below:
If moving from 1RK/Studio/Room -> Any other flat: Rs 3,000.00
If moving from 1BHK -> Any other flat : Rs 5,000.00
If moving from 2BHk -> Any other flat : Rs 8,000.00

If stay is longer than 11 months the movement fee is as below:
If moving from 1RK/Studio/Room -> Any other flat: Rs 5,000.00
If moving from 1BHK -> Any other flat : Rs 7,000.00
If moving from 2BHk -> Any other flat : Rs 10,000.00
RentMyStay does not take or charge any brokerage charges.
All charges are clearly mentioned in the agreement and dashboard. We do not charge anything apart from the charges mentioned in the agreement.
You can either do a physical visit or virtual visit via video call.

On the website, there is an option to schedule a visit. You must fill all essential information and schedule a visit at your convenience. For further assistance, you can also contact the sales person.
From 08:00 AM to 07:00 PM, you can plan aphysical visit by clicking on the schedule visit button on the property description. We may also offer a video tour of the property if necessary. On a case-by-case basis, you can also request a site visit outside of these hours. You are welcome to contact us about it.
There will be no cancellations required, however feel free to reschedule as per your convenient time.
We transparently display all information you need to know about the property on our site and you may contact the salesperson for further information.
Please check specifically before booking the property if pets are allowed.
It is dependent on the properties.
Because each property is unique, some buildings will have balconies while others will not; this will be included in the description and amenities.
Our properties do not have any Wi-Fi connection; customer should arrange their own Wi-Fi facility. We do have tie up with vendors and can help you take the connections from them. You are also free to select your own vendor.
Flexi stay: You can opt for the property with Wifi and we will be able to provide you Wi-Fi with additional cost. You can check out our paid amenities section for more details.
It is dependent on the properties.
Yes, RentMyStay provides couple friendly flats based on terms. If you are using it for legitimate reasons, we allow it. We collect ID proof of all occupied tenants for security reasons.
Yes, bachelor flats are available for rent.
We periodically acquire pictures of the complete house while onboarding a property on our website from the owner in order to correctly portray its characteristics. The same information is available on our website/app. It's possible that there may be slight change in the furniture, you can confirm the same before booking.
In fully furnished houses, we offer a standard package of amenities along with furniture. Also, you can choose some amenities like Power backup/invertor, Washing machine, Wi-Fi, New kitchen Utensils, and Blanket/Cotsheet by paying extra charges.
All houses have 2 wheeler parking. Car parking depends on the properties and may be chargeable. Please confirm before booking.
On our site, we clearly present all of the information you need to know about the property. The description is displayed on the property page.
We display the property's location on Google Maps so you can learn more about the neighbourhood and nearby amenities
Rent cycle will start from your Move in date. You can change the rent cycle from 1st to 1st of every month as well.
Bills for gas, Television(DTH), Drinking water and Electricity.
Login to dashboard or mobile app and update the bank details.
You can email your last month electricity bill and last payment receipt for reconsilation.
Ensure flat is inspected for any damages by the staff before your move-out as you will incur damage charges if any during the refund.

Refunds will be processed within maximum 4 to 5 working days after move-out.
All the refunds happen via bank transfer only..
The long term or regular stay agreement will be for a period of 11 months.
If you wish to vacate the flat email us @, all deductions will be as per the agreement terms.
Yes, you can change Flexi stay booking to Regular stay booking by contacting the sales team. The new rentals will take effect only when all payments have been made and the term is changed in the agreement. Regular stay to Flexi stay is not possible.
RentMyStay standard Move in / Move out time is 01:00 PM-11:00 PM so in case if the customer wants to Move out late then extra charges will be applicable.
A mandatory notice should be issued in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement. If notice is not provided the rent for the notice period shall be deducted and rest of the amount will be refunded.
As per RentMyStay agreement 1 month prior written notice should be given for Regular long term stay. 7 days prior written notice should be given for Flexi stay
Yes you can extend the stay for whatever dates you want. During your notice period if you would like to extend Rs 1,000.00 (Penalty charges) will be applicable and subject to availability.
RentMyStay properties are located all across Bangalore and the all the locations are safe. We take safety related concerns very seriously and ensure our tenants have a seamless stay throughout their tenure.
If you are unable to reach our property manager you can raise a ticket for call back or contact our support team @ 9035750377: (10:00 AM – 06:00PM) Wednesday Holiday!
Once all payments are cleared and agreement is signed, Sign In to your
RentMyStay DASHBOARD - >MY STAY -> INVOICE & AGREEMENT, Owner Pan details is mentioned in this page
Alternatively the same is mentioned in Invoices and Agreement.
Before Vacating:
1. Prior notice shall be sent by email to with the date you will be vacating. Notice period of 1 month for Regular stay and 7 days for Flexi stay is mandatory to avoid any penalty.
2. Ensure you have completed 3 months lockin and 1 month notice period for regular stay.
3. Ensure rent dues, utility bills are all paid. Rent cannot be adjusted with deposit.
4. Get the flat inspection done by the caretaker on the last day for any damages.
5. Login to dashboard or user app or the email and update the bank details.
6. Move-out time shall be 11:00AM on the last day. In case of any significant delay extra charges will be applicable.

On the Day of Vacating:
1. You can mark the move-out in the mobile app and hand over the keys to caretaker.
2. Once vacated and bank details are updated, refund shall be done in 3 to 5 working days.
You can download your agreement by Signing In to your
Login to the user app -> My Stay -> Monthly Invoice -> Pay now->Pay by Bank/Update Transaction->Enter Transaction ID /UTR Number->Submit

Login to web portal -> My Stay -> Invoices and Agreement -> Pay / Update Transaction ID ->Bank Transfer -> Enter Transaction ID /UTR Number->Submit

Search for “BESCOM bill desk” in browser and enter account number mentioned in the BESCOM Electricity bill, submit and pay the bill.

Login to any payment app (Phone pay, Google pay, Paytm or any Bank app), enter account number and pay the bill. Delay in Electricity bill payment may cause additional interest or power disconnection.

Quick link to pay electricity bill
Kindly segregate the garbage in to dry waste and wet waste and hand over the garbage to the garbage collectors. If not segregated properly the garbage collectors don’t collect garbage.

In some buildings Convenience charges will be charged by Caretaker and he will collect the garbage from the flat and handover to the garbage collectors. Garbage management is not included in the Rent or Maintenance charges. Local municipal authorities will impose penalty for improper segregation and disposal of the garbage.